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fund factsheets
Investment Performance

How to Make a Fund Factsheet

Want to know how to make a factsheet that helps you attract more prospective investors? The three most important things to include are…
Large vs Significant Cash Flows
GIPS Compliance

Large vs Significant Cash Flows – What’s the difference?

Wondering what the difference is between “large” and “significant” cash flows for GIPS purposes? The main difference is…
What is the Treynor Ratio
Investment Performance

What is the Treynor Ratio?

The Treynor Ratio measures the excess return for taking on additional risk. It is calculated as the strategy's mean return minus the mean risk-free rate divided by…
GIPS Compliance

How to Survive a Verification Part 3: Verification Testing

Trying to get through GIPS verification testing? Here we explain exactly how testing is determined and what you need to know to...
Investment Performance

SEC Proposes to Enhance Private Fund Marketing

The SEC's proposal to Enhance Private Fund marketing is another in a trend for higher levels of transparency and more standardized reporting for investment managers. See what may soon be required.
Matt Deatherage Partner
Longs Peak News

Longs Peak Makes Matt Deatherage, CFA, CIPM Partner

Longs Peak announced today that the company has appointed Matthew Deatherage, CFA, CIPM as equity Partner, effective January 1, 2022. We are so excited to have Matt join our Partner team. He is...
Investment Performance

What is Up-Market & Down-Market Capture Ratio?

Up- and down-market capture ratios help investors assess how a strategy holds up during different market conditions. They demonstrate how…
GIPS Conference 2021
GIPS Compliance

GIPS Conference 2021: Key takeaways

Key takeaways from the conference include complying with the 2020 GIPS Standards, the SEC Marketing rule, ESG reporting and…
Batting average in finance
Investment Performance

What is Batting Average in Finance?

Batting Average in investment analysis measures how consistently a strategy outperforms its benchmark. The minimum threshold for Batting Average in finance is…