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Investment Performance

What is the Sortino Ratio?

The Sortino Ratio is similar to the Sharpe Ratio as it is used to compare and rank managers with similar strategies. However, unlike Sharpe, the Sortino Ratio measures the incremental average strategy return over a minimum acceptable return per unit of downside risk rather than total risk. Because of this difference, the Sortino Ratio may […]
GIPS Compliance

How to Update your GIPS Policies & Procedures for GIPS 2020

If you are an investment firm or asset owner that complies with the GIPS standards you are required to make some modifications to your GIPS policies and procedures (“P&P”) to address changes made to the 2020 edition of the Standards. The extent of these updates depends on: whether your organization plans to adopt any new […]
GIPS Compliance

How to Comply with the 2020 GIPS Standards

A new decade is upon us and with the new decade comes a series of new requirements in terms of investment performance reporting for firms and asset owners that elect to claim compliance with the GIPS standards. Many organizations have elected to adopt the 2020 edition of the GIPS standards early and have already put […]
Investment Performance

Investment Performance and Risk Statistics

The recent market volatility probably has you wondering how your strategy has fared through this unprecedented time. Disruptive market environments tend to reveal critical information about active managers that help investors see those that truly add value, and those that don’t. So, what should you do to evaluate your actively-managed strategy and how can you […]
Investment Performance

What is the Sharpe Ratio?

The Sharpe Ratio is calculated as the strategy’s mean return minus the mean risk-free rate divided by the standard deviation of the strategy. The Sharpe Ratio measures the excess return for taking on additional risk. As one of the most popular performance appraisals measures, the Sharpe Ratio is used to compare and rank managers with […]
GIPS Compliance Investment Performance

Investment Performance Outlier Testing

For any firm that aggregates portfolios of the same strategy into a composite, or otherwise groups portfolios by mandate, how do you know that each portfolio truly follows that strategy? The answer is outlier testing. Why Utilize Composites? The GIPS standards require firms managing separate accounts to construct composites, which aggregate all discretionary portfolios of […]
GIPS Compliance

GIPS Compliance Actions for the New Year 2020

Your firm works hard to comply with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and likely expects the benefits of GIPS to far outweigh any burden associated with maintaining compliance. Most of the policies and procedures your firm set when first becoming compliant will never need to change; however, as both the standards and your firm […]
GIPS Compliance

2020 GIPS Standards: Prepare for the Changes

The 2020 edition of the Global Investment Performance Standards (“GIPS®”) was released to the public at the end of June 2019 and with it comes a number of changes that firms will need to address. To maintain compliance with the GIPS standards, firms must make the required changes necessary to follow all requirements of the 2020 […]
Investment Performance

Arithmetic vs Geometric Mean: Which to use in Performance Appraisal

Most performance appraisal measures utilize a mean return in its calculation. This can be in the form a geometric mean or a simple arithmetic average. Because both types of means can be used, it raises the question: Which measure should be applied? When calculating performance, we are accustomed to calculating returns geometrically (i.e., including compounding). […]