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Investment Performance

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Investment Performance

fund factsheets
Investment Performance

How to Make a Fund Factsheet

Want to know how to make a factsheet that helps you attract more prospective investors? The three most important things to include are…
What is the Treynor Ratio
Investment Performance

What is the Treynor Ratio?

The Treynor Ratio measures the excess return for taking on additional risk. It is calculated as the strategy's mean return minus the mean risk-free rate divided by…
Investment Performance

SEC Proposes to Enhance Private Fund Marketing

The SEC's proposal to Enhance Private Fund marketing is another in a trend for higher levels of transparency and more standardized reporting for investment managers. See what may soon be required.
Investment Performance

What is Up-Market & Down-Market Capture Ratio?

Up- and down-market capture ratios help investors assess how a strategy holds up during different market conditions. They demonstrate how…
Batting average in finance
Investment Performance

What is Batting Average in Finance?

Batting Average in investment analysis measures how consistently a strategy outperforms its benchmark. The minimum threshold for Batting Average in finance is…
Investment Performance

Analyzing Investment Performance with Alpha & Beta

Analyzing alpha & beta: Demonstrate how your active management is adding value instead of risk. Understanding alpha and beta can help you…
Investment Performance

Quality Control: How to check for errors in your investment performance

How robust is your quality control process? In light of recent investment performance troubles at PSERS, now may be a good time to evaluate your firm’s quality control procedures. Here’s what you need to know...
GIPS Compliance Investment Performance Uncategorized

FINRA Rule 2210: How to calculate IRR consistent with GIPS

FINRA now requires IRR to be calculated according to the GIPS® Standards. But how do you calculate and present a GIPS compliant IRR?
Investment Performance

The SEC’s New Advertising Rule – Presenting Performance

Wondering how to present performance under the SEC's New Advertising Rule? Do you need to use composites? The answer is…