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GIPS Policies & Procedures

Utilizing our knowledge from working with hundreds of GIPS compliant firms, our GIPS consultants gather information from your existing materials to create, document, and implement GIPS policies and procedures that make sense and are uniquely tailored for your firm. Once compliant, Longs Peak is available to edit policies and procedures as GIPS requirements change or internal processes evolve.

Composite Construction

We construct composites that consistently follow the GIPS policies developed for your firm. We also test for performance outliers to identify portfolios that may have been improperly assigned and make corrections to get portfolios in the right composite for the correct time period. Once compliant, Longs Peak can update composite membership on an ongoing basis to reflect changes such as portfolios opening, closing or changing mandates.

GIPS Reports

We calculate all statistics required by the GIPS standards, such as composite-level annual returns, annual dispersion, and three-year annualized standard deviation to produce GIPS Reports for each composite. These reports also include required disclosures designed to match your firm’s policies and procedures. Once compliant, we can periodically update the statistics and disclosures in your GIPS Reports to help you maintain compliance.

GIPS Verification Management

We manage the verification process, representing your firm to complete the verification testing. This can include acting as the verifier’s main contact throughout the verification process, gathering requested portfolio data for testing, and helping organize and manage the entire project on your behalf. If needed, we can also gather proposals and aid in the due diligence process to help you select a GIPS verifier that best suits your firm.

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Enhance your marketing

Get noticed by prospective investors.

According to eVestment, two out of three searches made in their database by investors or consultants are set to exclude firms that are not GIPS compliant. Don’t be overlooked! With our help, GIPS compliance has never been this easy.

Improve your compliance program

Comply with industries best practices.

Many firms have inconsistencies in the way fees are recorded, income is accrued, valuations are determined, etc. The practice of documenting and implementing GIPS policies and procedures is an excellent way to identify and address these issues to ensure your firm is consistent in your practices across your firm.

Focus on your strengths

Let us handle your GIPS compliance.

Longs Peak will handle the details, minimizing the burden GIPS compliance has on your team. Our goal is to simplify the process, allowing your professionals to focus on what they do best.

Affordable expert resources

Utilize our team of experts at a reasonable cost.

Full time employees with strong GIPS and investment performance experience are expensive and difficult to find. Longs Peak provides you with a team of performance and GIPS experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single experienced employee.

Simplify your GIPS verification

Avoid errors and higher verification fees.

Errors identified in verification testing lead to an increased sample size, which often leads to a longer verification and a potential increase in your verification fees. To minimize this risk, we analyze our clients’ data to identify and address issues before the verification begins.

Support Services Available for GIPS Compliance

  • Create or Modify GIPS Policies & Procedures
  • Extract & Organize Data for Composite Calculations
  • Calculate Composite Statistics
  • Provide Analysis of Composite Results
  • Review Potential Issues Identified in Analysis
  • Revise Composite Membership Based on Analysis
  • Produce GIPS Reports
  • File Claim of Compliance Form with CFA Institute
  • Conduct Training on GIPS Standards
  • Assist with Verifier Selection and Due Diligence
  • Act as Verifier’s Main Contact Throughout Verification
  • Gather Requested Data for Testing
  • Simplify Verification Request
  • Organize and Review Testing Files Prior to Submission

Additional Performance Support Related to GIPS Compliance

  • Calculate Portfolio-level Returns
  • Calculate Household-Level Returns
  • Calculate Performance Appraisal Measures
  • Onsite Performance or GIPS Standards Training
  • Population of Investment Consultant Databases
  • Ad-hoc Performance Consulting

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