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Comply with industry best practices including the requirements of the SEC’s Marketing Rule.

We’re here to help you create
and maintain composites.

Composite Rules and Policies

We gather information from your existing materials to create, document, and implement composite rules and policies that are uniquely tailored for your firm and strategies. Longs Peak is also available to edit composite rules and policies as strategies evolve or internal processes change.

Create and Maintain Composites

We construct composites that provide a meaningful representation of your firm’s investment strategies. Longs Peak will keep the composites updated by consistently applying the policies to ensure each composite only includes discretionary portfolios and does not break any composite rules.

Performance Outlier Testing

Each time Longs Peak calculates composite statistics we analyze the results before finalizing. Specifically, we identify any portfolios with outlier performance and evaluate if they still belong in the composite. This process is also beneficial for compliance reviews to confirm that portfolios with the same mandate are being managed similarly.

Reports & Statistics

Longs Peak creates reports that include monthly, quarterly, and annual returns as well as annualized returns for longer periods. We also provide performance appraisal measures that can be used for marketing or internal analysis and disclosure reports with statistics and disclosures that include your firm’s logo and branding colors.

Simplified composite construction.

Affordable Expert Resources

Utilize our team of experts at a reasonable cost.

Full time employees with strong investment performance experience are expensive and difficult to find. Longs Peak provides you with a team of performance and GIPS experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single experienced employee.

Focus On Your Strengths

Let us handle your composite management.

Longs Peak will handle the details, minimizing the burden composite management has on your team. Our goal is to simplify the process, allowing your professionals to focus on what they do best.

Enhance Risk Management

Avoid performance errors.

Errors identified in performance information can be costly and embarrassing. To minimize this risk, we analyze our clients’ data to identify and address issues before performance information is distributed.

Improve your compliance program

Comply with industry best practices.

Many firms have inconsistencies in the way fees are recorded, income is accrued, valuations are determined, etc. The practice of documenting policies and building composites is an excellent way to address these issues and ensure consistency across your firm.

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