Better marketing
materials, better
prospect engagement.

Beautifully designed, custom factsheets
and pitchbooks – powered by our
performance experts.

Meaningful statistics designed
to clearly tell your story.


Whether you want to replicate your current design or create something new, we can build your factsheets for you. Our proprietary software is available to calculate statistics you do not already have, including composite statistics and performance appraisal measures. We then take the statistics we calculated and present your results in a beautifully designed factsheet.


We can create pitchbooks or quarterly client reports including detailed information about your firm, your strategies, your team, and your performance. We will pull the required data directly from your portfolio accounting system, complete any additional performance calculations needed, and our designers will help bring your marketing to life.


Our performance experts can populate investment consulting databases with your firm, strategy, and performance information. Often databases require performance statistics to be updated monthly, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Missing any statistics? We can calculate any that you do not have readily available and keep the databases updated for you.


Not sure which statistics best demonstrate your skill as an active manager? Work with our team of performance experts to determine which statistics best tell your story. Still not convinced? Let our team train your sales and client relationship personnel on how to explain your results to clients and prospects and help you win more clients.

Factsheets Simplified.

Integrate performance and marketing

Building factsheets just got easier.

Employees with strong investment performance experience that also know how to design professional marketing materials are hard to come by. Our team of performance experts and designers collaborate to solve this problem! We know how to use every major portfolio accounting system out there so we can gather your data, calculate performance statistics, and build custom factsheets all in one cohesive process.

Focus on your strengths

Let us handle your factsheets.

We create modern, beautiful factsheets. Choose from existing templates or let us customize one for you. We focus on simplifying the process of creating marketing materials, allowing your professionals to do what they do best. Let us build factsheets and pitchbooks that you can easily upload to your website or send out as part of a regular reporting package.

Enhance your marketing

Avoid performance errors.

Errors identified in performance information can be costly and embarrassing. To minimize this risk, we have software available to analyze our clients’ data to identify issues before performance information is distributed. Our proprietary software allows us to identify data anomalies before the buildout begins.

Improve your marketing program

Empower your sales and client service teams.

Better marketing materials lead to better discussions, especially when your sales and client service teams know how to explain your strategy’s performance. Impress investors with modern factsheets and a knowledgeable team of professionals that clearly explain how you add value.

There’s reason to be excited!

With our help, things are going to be a whole lot easier for you.
Talk to one of our GIPS consultants or performance experts today and let’s get started.