Maintain GIPS Compliance

Maintain GIPS Compliance

Focus on your strengths and let our expert team manage your GIPS compliance

How We Maintain Your GIPS Compliance

Maintain Composites

Update composite membership to reflect changes such as accounts opening, closing or changing mandates. We also check the current period for performance outliers and test that composite rules are followed.

Maintain Policies & Procedures

Edit policies and procedures as GIPS requirements change or internal processes evolve. We also help firms complete recurring actions required by their policies and procedures such as reviewing accounts for changes in discretion.

Manage Verification

We act as the verifier’s main contact, representing your firm for each ongoing verification period. Similarly, we help compile responses for regulators, prospective clients or other outside parties relating to your GIPS compliance and verification.

Update GIPS Compliant Presentations

We update all required GIPS statistics such as composite-level annual returns, annual dispersion, and three-year annualized standard deviation to produce GIPS compliant presentations for each composite. Disclosures are also updated to reflect changes (if any) for the current period.

Becoming GIPS Compliant for the first time?

Let our experts do the work for you, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Focus On Your Strengths

Let us handle the maintenance of your GIPS compliance

Longs Peak improves the process for maintaining your firm’s GIPS compliance and minimizes the burden complying has on your team. Our goal is to use our expertise to help your firm maintain its compliance, allowing your professionals focus on their primary responsibilities.

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Affordable Expert Support

Gain expert-level team members at a reasonable cost

Full time employees with strong GIPS and investment performance experience are expensive and difficult to find. Longs Peak provides you with a team of performance and GIPS experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single experienced employee.

Simplify Your GIPS Verification

Errors lead to more work and greater verification cost

Many firms rely on their GIPS verifier to catch errors in their performance. This practice leads to the verification being more time consuming and expensive as the testing sample size and time spent on the verification increases with each identified error. Using Longs Peak to maintain your GIPS compliance and to manage the verification process helps the verification process run smoothly.

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Investment Performance and GIPS Consulting

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