Become GIPS Compliant

Become GIPS Compliant

Improve your internal compliance procedures and get noticed by institutional investors

How We Help You Become GIPS Compliant

Create GIPS Policies & Procedures

Utilizing our knowledge from working with hundreds of GIPS compliant firms, our GIPS consultants gather information from your existing materials to create, document, and implement GIPS policies and procedures that make sense and are uniquely tailored for your firm.

Composite Constuction

We construct composites that consistently follow the GIPS policies developed for your firm. We also test for performance outliers to identify accounts that may have been improperly assigned and make corrections to get accounts in the right composite for the correct time period.

GIPS Compliant Presentations

We calculate all required GIPS statistics such as composite-level annual returns, annual dispersion, and three-year annualized standard deviation to produce GIPS compliant presentations for each composite. Presentations also include required disclosures designed to match your firm’s policies and procedures.

GIPS Verification Management

If needed, we can help with your GIPS verifier selection and due diligence process. Once a verifier is selected, we then act as your verifier’s main contact as they complete the process of verifying your historical periods that have been brought into compliance with the GIPS standards. If desired, we can then help you maintain compliance on an onging basis.

Already GIPS compliant?

We can help your team maintain your firm's GIPS compliance on an ongoing basis.

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Get recognized by investment consultants and institutional investors

According to eVestment, two out of three searches made in their database by investors or consultants are set to exclude firms that are not GIPS compliant. Don’t be overlooked! With our help, becoming GIPS compliant is a realistic goal for your firm.

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Improve Your Compliance Program

Comply with industry best practices

Many firms have inconsistencies in the way fees are recorded, income is accrued, valuations are determined, etc. The practice of documenting and implementing GIPS policies and procedures is an excellent way to ensure your firm is consistent in your practices across your firm.

Strengthen Your Client Reporting

Provide your clients with timely and accurate performance statistics

Although GIPS is focused on presenting performance information to prospective clients, the clean-up of the input data used to calculate performance for prospects naturally results in more reliable data used to calculate investment performance statistics for your current clients as well.

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Investment Performance and GIPS Consulting

Are you interested in learning more about our consulting services? Talk to one of our GIPS consultants or performance experts today!